Fit Tip #20 Heart Rate Monitors For Good Health!

When it comes to training, you can’t just wing it. Even with flexible dieting, there’s still structure to it.  Last week my polar watch was out of commission. It’s amazing how lost and useless I felt throughout my workout. While you shouldn’t be dependent on your polar watch or heart rate monitors, it’s still important to track your heart rate and activity levels. The use of a polar watch took my fitness and intensity to the next level. On days I was feeling sluggish or off, I checked my watch to see my stats. This let me know if I was on track or needed to kick it up a notch!

Those of us that don’t have trainers or workout buddies, it’s completely up to us and us alone to push and motivate ourselves. That can be the hard part!

When you think about it, everything is measured and calculated, not just in the fitness world but in retail, restaurants, pet stores, your kitchen, coffee shops, medicine, cleaning products, and so on..


Here are some very basic but still very important examples that will give you an idea why fitness technology is an important accessory.

Watches. To help us keep track of time and keep us on schedule.

Measuring cups. We couldn’t bake or cook without them!

Shoe sizes. Allow us to wear shoes that fit comfortably.

Gas gauges. We need these for obvious reasons! They let us know how much fuel is left and how much further we can go before we need to stop for gas.

A/C thermostat. To regulate indoor temperatures for comfort.

Finally, heart rate monitor. Used to calculate heart beats so you can be aware of when you are in your training zone, how many calories are burned, when you need to push yourself a little harder or slow down for a little break. This also helps when calculating your calorie intake and how many calories you are burning during your workout session.  Find your max heart rate. Improve your endurance and know your levels of high intensity.

It’s important to be aware of your calories in vs calories out. Tracking your calories and activity levels will also help you determine if you can have that cookie or not, guilt free! 🙂

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