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Homemade Cashew-Craisin Raw Energy Bars!

Don't pay for another $10 health bar again! Okay, okay... I know they aren't $10 but they do add up! The craziest thing about it, is most of the ingredients of all these bars are in your home right now! If you don't have a certain ingredient, sub it with something else or double one of the… Continue reading Homemade Cashew-Craisin Raw Energy Bars!

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Halloween Party Fright Bites!

Halloween is right around the corner! Here are some of my favorite Halloween treats to celebrate with on Halloween! They are so simple, affordable and take little time so you won't be slaving around in the kitchen! It's not too late to get your party top notch! Witch Hats ♥ Upside down samoa cookies ♥… Continue reading Halloween Party Fright Bites!