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Fit Tip #26 Spice Up Your Life!

When it comes to food, we all could use some spicing up! Our meal pans and food preps can get boring fast!

I call the items listed below flavor savers! They’re there to save the day when you want to jazz up my meals and keep yourself on track! This will keep you from grabbing high sodium seasonings or high calorie sauces. Healthy food can still be good! You just have to have all the right ingredients handy!

For your salties…

These can be used for your meats, vegetables, grains, for dips and salad dressings!

♥ Mustard

♥ Hot sauce

♥ Salsa

♥ Lemon Juice

♥ Pepper

♥ Old Bay

♥ Basil

♥ Dill

♥ Ginger

♥ Thyme

♥ Garlic

♥ Parsley

♥ Rosemary

♥Chili powder

♥Garlic Powder

♥ Onion Powder

♥ Vinegars (white and apple cider!)

♥ Low sodium soy

For your sweets…

These can be used in yogurt, oatmeal, baking, smoothies, protein shakes, and fruits!

♥ Nutmeg

♥ Cinnamon

♥ Apple Pie Powder

♥ Pumpkin Pie Powder

♥ Honey

♥ Protein Powders!

♥ Vanilla Extract.

Extracts are my fav and totally underrated. They have so many amazing flavors!

Happy Monday and don’t forget to kick this weeks butt!

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