Fit Tips, Holiday Favorites

SKINNY Secrets To Get You Through The Holidays!

Rule your mind.

Even if that means playing a few little tricks on yourself!

♥ Use smaller utensils

♥ Eat on smaller plates

Silly and stupid you say?

I know it sounds like it, but boy does it work!

Eating off a smaller plate will allow you to eat all of your favs without wanting to explode or immediately take a nap afterwards!


I’m a perfect example of someone who eats everything just because it’s there. Portion control has always been a hard concept for me to adapt. If it’s in front of me, I’m eating it. Your chances of overeating from your food being served on a larger plate alone, is through the roof ! From eating on a smaller plate, you’ll be just as satisfied and possibly question a second helping but find it to be unnecessary.

Smaller utensils. The power of smaller utensils was mind blowing to me. If you didn’t know already, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Most likely because I load up on peanut butter! Normally I eat with a regular sized spoon that’s a tad bit larger. After a couple bites while reading through my emails, it’s all gone! I never get a chance to enjoy it or savor the last bite! With a smaller spoon it takes me forever to eat my morning oat bowl of deliciousness! I find myself looking into it and being excited that there’s still more! Little spoon, little bites, more food to be enjoyed!

This also helps slow down while you eat and really give your body a chance to recognize that you’re getting full, which takes about 20 minutes!

Remember-  If you serve a lot, you’ll eat a lot. Serve less, you’ll eat less!

There you have it folks! Try these two tricks out and have yourselves a happy and healthy holiday season!

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