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A Memorial Day Recap From A Foodie!

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend and didn't forget what we were really celebrating! Not only was I brought up to love my county but also to love the time spent with family. Throughout my fitness journey, I have truly enjoyed creating dishes that are better for you, flavorful and has nutritional benefits to… Continue reading A Memorial Day Recap From A Foodie!

In My Pantry

Foodie Finds! Best Blue Cheese Olives 

Ladies and gents! I have found a foodies favorite!   Head out to your local health super market (I found mine at Fresh Market) and pick these up! There's nothing better than a big juicy olive stuffed with delicious, crumbly blue cheese! The garlic and pepper marinade really gave it that extra punch of flavor! Totally… Continue reading Foodie Finds! Best Blue Cheese Olives 

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Healthy Chocolate Raspberry Protein Waffle

   We're all busy in the morning trying to make our way out the door but that doesn't mean you can skip breakfast! We hear it all the time, yet for some reason still avoid it. But it's true folks! Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! Eating your breakfast will give your body… Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Raspberry Protein Waffle


Cool Like A Cucumber!

Perfect snack for those hot sunny days! Light, refreshing and will fill you up! I used 100 calorie sandwich thins, laughing cow cheese wedges, a little salt and pepper and into my belly it goes! This snack is fun because you can switch out the veggies, cheese flavors or by adding different spices. A pepper… Continue reading Cool Like A Cucumber!