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Easy Peasy Grilled Cheesy With Your Waffle Maker!

My best ideas happen after midnight! Especially on the days I plan on taking a baby nap after work and find myself 4 hours later, dark outside and I’m wide awake!

My husband, Rey and I went for a jog with our dog.. See what I did there!-I’m a poet and you didn’t know it! SEE, did it again!!

I get it from my momma. 🙂

After we got back I started to clean up around the house  and meal prepping some to get it out of the way, making things a little easier for me on Monday. I made a quick salad for dinner with turkey crumbles, feta and walnuts and that was that..

Rey started getint hungry and I knew watching diners, drive-ins and dives wasn’t helping! It was pushing 11pm so options for food were very slim! Let the brainstorming begin!

As I was cleaning out the fridge I remembered cheese slices that I organized and all of our bread and sandwhich thins I was putting together in one spot. BAM!

Grilled cheese!

Rey wasn’t too convinced because he wanted something quick with little clean up, aka no pans or dishes. BAM!

The waffle maker!

So easy, so simple, so delicious and sooooo cheeeesy!

All you need is your bread and butter of choice,  cheese and any extra fillings. Rey had pickles and let me tell you, I’ve never tried a grilled cheese that way but my eyes have now been opened! He also mentioned ketchup, which we didn’t have thank goodness because that’s a stretch for me!




The texture made it taste like something gourmet and not like your classic grilled cheese.

How do you like your grilled cheese??

Comment below!

Happy Saturday!


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