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It’s Makeup Monday! Halloween Style!

Since it’s October, a dear friend of mine requested that I post a blog on my costume makeup. Every time I see her she is on my case, so here you go!

Before I got into skincare and eyelash extensions, I did a lot of work with makeup that included fashion shows, bridal, magazines and special events.

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 I never thought of beauty or makeup as something I could do to earn a living but it’s true what they say…

Find something you have a passion for and you will never work a day in your life.

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What I love most about makeup and artistic expression is there are no rules! It’s your world and you call the shots! Don’t take it so serious. If you mess up, start over. Simple as that. Have fun with it! Don’t forget you can use any materials around you. If you’re ever in doubt just keep going! You’d be surprised how well the outcome turns out when you do!

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A secret trick before applying a creative look is to do it right before you get in the shower. This way you can easily remove it when you’re done with little effort.


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you enjoy!

Comment below if you have any makeup questions or requests of a look you would like to see!

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