Minnie Mouse DIY Disney Nails 

Over the weekend we went to Disney World for my sisters 30th birthday!

Of course I had to jazz my nails up and disney-fy them for the trip!

We all know how much I love to be festive!



I know this looks tricky but honestly it’s the simple baby steps that will pull it all together.

First, decide on the colors. Then paint those nails with the solid colors you picked.

I knew I wanted to do pink, black and white (to match my minnie mouse hat and sneakers!)


As you let them dry, that’s when you think of nail art. I knew I wanted white polka dots on the pink (I did this using the tip of a bobby pin and dabbing it in a drop of white polish).

I wanted a Mickey mouse head so I started designing that on the white nail. As I’m doing my nails and letting them dry, I’m thinking of what I want to do on the others.

That left me with 6 nails. With the solid nails you have left, narrow down one of the solid colors and pick a design. I saw I had three black and decided those needed to be bedazzled! I brought out my rhinestones purchased from a local craft store and glued those babies on!

With only pink left, I kept it simple with a clear coat of sparkle polish on one and a easy bow made with a toothpick, white polish and black detail around the bow to make it pop.

Now for a quick top coat and I’m Disney World ready!

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