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Low Calorie Sandwich Thin Pizzas


Thank Goodness It’s Pizza Friday!!!

Come on guys! Talk about a guilt-free indulgence!

These are the best little pizzas to satisfy those cravings!


♥ Sandwhich thins (only 100 calories for two slices!)

♥ Meat; turkey pepperoni slices and diced grilled chicken

♥ Veggies; green, yellow and banana peppers, onions, sun-dried tom, raw spinach leaves

♥ Low sodium pizza sauce

♥ Cheese; feta crumbles and parmesan cheese

♥ Spices and seasonings of choice, we used basil and oregano

Place your sandwich thins on a lightly sprayed/oiled pan.

Add your toppings.

We decided to make a couple veggie and the rest meat lovers!

If you can’t decide on your favorite style of pizza, go crazy and make them all different!

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. The bread is already prepared so be careful not to over cook.

You’re really using the oven to heat up and bake the toppings together.

Remove and allow to cool.

The best part is being able to create your own personalized pizzas with your favorite ingredients!

The banana peppers really did it for me!

If you end up with any extra, these little guys taste great the next day too!

You can’t go wrong with some left over pizza!

This is a perfect recipe for smart snacking or to pair with a salad for dinner.



What are your favorite pizza toppings?!

Comment below 🙂


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