TGIF! Skinny Fat Girl Featured In Local Magazine!

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all a great local magazine home to the Jacksonville Beach area. Even if you aren’t a local, you’ll find something in every issue that strikes an interest.

This month my fit friend Ami and I were featured in an ad to promote my blog and her training services. I’m so happy and excited to be working with such a creative and supportive magazine.

I’ve worked with them in the past doing makeup for a couple photoshoots and had a blast!

Makeup I did for the cover of VOID in a past issue. Follow my personal instagram page @heatherrbug


What a fun group of people to work with! I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve met and all that they do for our city with just the magazine alone! I truly believe VOID has changed the social scene, local awareness and keeping publications from being soooo… BLAH! I look forward to each issue before it drops and pick up a copy of VOID first before anything else.


There’s no better way for our first ad to be the one in the food issue with the front page being covered in sprinkles, my FAVORITE!

I know most of you can’t personally pick up a free copy but you can read and check out past issues online here! This month is their food issue which I’m sure, without a doubt, you guys will enjoy!


 Happy fit Friday!

Happy flex Friday!

Happy foodie Friday!

Happy fit friend Friday!

Or simply have a happy Friday!

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