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Why I Eat Cricket Protein!

 You guys! I have to share my current obsession.. Podcasts! We all know what they are..  We hear about them here and there. I myself have dabbled with them in the past but quickly became uninterested. Until recently! I stumbled across Ben Greenfield, who is changing my life one podcast at a time! I bet I could… Continue reading Why I Eat Cricket Protein!

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I introduce to you BioTrust protein cookies! ♥ 6g of fiber, 12 grams time released protein ♥ Proteins are Certified Hormone & Antibiotic Free ♥ Natural ingredients with no artificial coloring or sweeteners ♥ Gluten FreeTrans Fat, non-GMO ♥ No trans fat and non-GMO! I've been dabbling around with tons of new products lately! It could be because… Continue reading BIOTRUST PROTEIN COOKIE REVIEW

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Foodie Finds! Best Blue Cheese Olives 

Ladies and gents! I have found a foodies favorite!   Head out to your local health super market (I found mine at Fresh Market) and pick these up! There's nothing better than a big juicy olive stuffed with delicious, crumbly blue cheese! The garlic and pepper marinade really gave it that extra punch of flavor! Totally… Continue reading Foodie Finds! Best Blue Cheese Olives 

Fit Tips, In My Pantry

Health Hacks For Your Sweet Tooth

You... Freaking... Guys!!!!! This is a fellow baker and food lover service announcement! Go to your local Walmart or supermarket and purchase this product immediately!   I can't tell you enough what a transformation this little bottle of magic has done for my kitchen creations! We all love healthy brownies, cookies and cakes but these clean eats… Continue reading Health Hacks For Your Sweet Tooth

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Curb Your Cravings With Cookie Dough!… 

Yes, it's possible! You can give in to your cravings with the delicious taste of cookie dough! Cookie dough gum that is! What's even better than THAT? Well, let me tell you...     Project 7 is an American made, breakthrough sugar-free gum, that gives you satisfaction for both your body and mind! Taste the indulgent flavors of… Continue reading Curb Your Cravings With Cookie Dough!… 

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Putting The HAPPY In Happy Hour!

This is a very important subject to cover as you take on your health and fitness journey! Alcohol and social drinking is one of the main reasons people struggle to lose weight and reach their personal goals. I'm not much of a beer drinker or really much of a drinker at all, but if I do… Continue reading Putting The HAPPY In Happy Hour!

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Easy Sunday Summer Salad 

  I don't know about you guys but living in Florida makes it hard to embrace the cold weather. As soon as Christmas is over, I get in a mood thats ready for summer to kickstart! I was hungry for something light and fresh, yet still filling. The feta cheese really made this salad for me! ♥… Continue reading Easy Sunday Summer Salad