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Putting The HAPPY In Happy Hour!

This is a very important subject to cover as you take on your health and fitness journey! Alcohol and social drinking is one of the main reasons people struggle to lose weight and reach their personal goals.

I’m not much of a beer drinker or really much of a drinker at all, but
if I do consume anything alcoholic I want it count and I want it to be delicious! Unfortunately, most of those yummy drinks contain fruit juices and syrups with high levels of sugar and calories.
When I did drink more socially, I was still calorie conscious and kept it simple. It didn’t always taste the best which made it much harder to enjoy. Sure doesn’t sound like much of a happy hour to me!

Rum and diet…

Whiskey and diet…

Gin and tonic…

Vodka and club soda with lime…

All the options above are bland, boring and definitely called for an acquired taste! You want to enjoy what you’re drinking without setting yourself back or off track.

Recently, I’ve been using drops of essential oils and infusing fresh fruits like lemon, berries and other favorite fruits. Keep in mind this is much better than squirting MIO, Gatroade, or whatever artificial flavored alternatives are out there.

What’s even better than essential oils and fruits? BCAA’S! What are BCAA’s you ask? Also known as branch chain amino acids, BCAA’s are what some call the ‘building blocks’ of the body and help build and repair your muscles. They come in SO many flavors and are extremely beneficial to your body! I drink mine during and after my workouts and sometimes just all throughout the day! For me personally, using BCAA’s in my water is also helping keep my water intake high.

One night when Rey and I were staying in, having one of those ‘Netflix and chill’ Fridays, I decide that I wanted a margarita! I have fun glasses that I’ve never used but of course I didn’t have the ingredients either.

Then, LIGHTBULB! My handy dandy, BCAA’S caught my eye! (This flavor was by Fitmiss and just so happened to be their ‘strawberry margarita’. Perfect!)

And here goes nothin’!

Water, lots of ice, strawberries my BCAA’s, tequila and round and round in my blender it goes!

What a happy and healthy decision that was! I’m a skinny fat girl genius! Turned out to be a tasty strawberry blended margaita! I threw in some lime, some salt on the edges and I was set.

The best part about it, is how awesome and guilt-free you feel the next morning! You’re hydrated and feeling good! There are ways around enjoying your favorite indulgences! You just have to put in the effort guys! Remember, every healthy person loves pizza and icecream just as much as you. We are all human with the same daily decisions and cravings. Some of us just do things the skinny fat girl way!

I hope this fit tip helps you just s much as it did for me! Plan your next ladies night or happy hour with some of my favorite BCAA flavors listed below!

 You can purchase from with next day shipping! I like the ones with energy because they don’t make me feel weird or shaky like most pre-workouts do. Having the increased energy helps with focus, endurance, muscle support and aids in a quick pick me up all through out the day!

RSP Amino Lean


Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy


Fitmiss BCAAfitMiss-bcaa-product

*What’s your favorite happy hour drink?!*

Happy Monday!


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