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Why I Eat Cricket Protein!

 You guys!
I have to share my current obsession..

We all know what they are..  We hear about them here and there. I myself have dabbled with them in the past but quickly became uninterested.

Until recently!

I stumbled across Ben Greenfield, who is changing my life one podcast at a time!
I bet I could write a book on all the random health and fitness facts I’ve learned so far!

One specific topic that caught my attention was the protein content of crickets! I was shocked to be honest with you!

Ben mentioned a protein bar called Exo.

These bars are made from cricket flour. After hearing the facts and health benefits of these bars, I went straight to their website and ordered a box. I had to see what these bars were all about!

I pulled the image below from the Exo website so you could see more of the comparisons.


The simple fact that crickets yield 65% protein compared to chicken with a low 23%, is just crazy to me!

  I know what you’re thinking, this is something right out of a bug eating fear factor episode.


But it’s not! This is real life people!

I’m a new product junkie and I gotta say they aren’t bad! I was expecting lots of crunch with legs and antennas popping out all over the place but that was not the case! They remind me of Clif or Kind bars. They are very filling too which is an important quality I look for with my protein bars!

The more Ben talked about these bars, I became very intrigued and I know somewhere deep down you are too!

 You can go to their page and get a sample of four bars for 9.99 if you click here

If you buy a box or get the $10 sample, let me know how you liked  them!

Happy Tuesday!

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