Fit Tips, In My Pantry

Curb Your Cravings With Cookie Dough!… 

Yes, it’s possible!

You can give in to your cravings with the delicious taste of cookie dough! Cookie dough gum that is!

What’s even better than THAT? Well, let me tell you…



Project 7 is an American made, breakthrough sugar-free gum, that gives you satisfaction for both your body and mind!

Taste the indulgent flavors of kettle popcorn, summer snow cone, birthday cake, chocolate cinnamon, caramel apple, grapefruit melon, coconut lime, and front porch lemonade, just to name a few!

Project7 partners with a number of nonprofit organizations in the United States and overseas. By making a small purchase of any of their products you are giving back in a big way! Project7 uses their profits to aid the 7 areas of the world that needs our help! A little goes a long way!

You can have your sweet treat fix without compromising your calorie intake while helping contribute towards amazing causes at the same time! The 7 categories include…

♥ house the homeless

♥ teach them well

♥ heal the sick

♥ hope for peace

♥ quench the thirsty

♥ save the earth

♥ feed the hungry

Guilt free treats to help better the world?

I’ll take it!

Like Project7 says, this gum is  ‘Great Tasting and World Changing!’

Try the birthday cake gum, my favorite!

Buy some here!



Happy Fit Friday!

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