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Health Hacks For Your Sweet Tooth

You… Freaking… Guys!!!!!

This is a fellow baker and food lover service announcement!

Go to your local Walmart or supermarket and purchase this product immediately!


I can’t tell you enough what a transformation this little bottle of magic has done for my kitchen creations!

We all love healthy brownies, cookies and cakes but these clean eats are normally paired with sometimes blah ingredients. When someone tastes a healthy alternative of mine their response is usually the same.

‘ This is good…. for being healthy!’

What they’re really saying is this, I’m surprised it’s this good but I’d still rather have the real thing!

If we could have sweets without the consequences of ending up unhealthy or out of shape, it’s safe to say we’d all pick the real deal!

My point is this!….

 With this one simple and affordable ingredient, you can add that flavorful buttery taste to your healthy recipes! You can use it  with your vegetables or for your favorite savory side dishes! You can truly feel like the ultimate skinny fat girl but the best part is that the food is STILL good for you!


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