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30 Calorie Skinny Banana Peanut Butter Cake Cookies

You guys! These peanut butter cake cookies are top notch! Only a few simple ingredients and you'll have a delicious, melt in your mouth cookie in no time! It was very challenging not to eat the whole batch, before and after it was baked! I found this recipe from a fellow blogger. I hit a gold mine stumbling across his… Continue reading 30 Calorie Skinny Banana Peanut Butter Cake Cookies

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Food For The Traveler

Here is a list of some snack hacks while traveling. Maintaining a healthy diet while you're  on the go can be tricky but being prepared is key! Quest bars(protein bars) Cheese sticks Dry oatmeal Protein snack balls- my FAV! Almonds or mixed nuts Crasins/raisins Bananas Apples Carrots Celery Rice cakes Peanut butter to go Powdered peanut… Continue reading Food For The Traveler


Light AND Fluffy Pancakes!

These are amaaaaaaazing! I can't tell you the last time I had pancakes, so I was more than excited to indulge in these! I can eat only oatmeal for so long! You can be creative with ingredients such as protein, nuts, fruit and so on. We used pecans and peanut butter and white chocolate chips… Continue reading Light AND Fluffy Pancakes!