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Lemon Chai Vanilla Protein Cookies

Get a little taste of summer with these super fresh protein cookies! I just took healthy snacking to a new level! After baking these I promoted this recipe into my top 5 favs! If you're a fan of poppy seed, you'll be a huge fan of these too! I didn't realize how much I loved… Continue reading Lemon Chai Vanilla Protein Cookies

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My DoTERRA Essential Essentials; Lemon Oil

After taking a DoTERRA essential oil crash course, I now have a huge respect for them! I'm a huge fan of peppermint, lemon and the clary calm blend (targeted for women to help heal and soothe any uncomfort during that grueling, hormonal time of the month!). It's a whole new world I never knew existed! The really are amazing… Continue reading My DoTERRA Essential Essentials; Lemon Oil