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Halloween Party Fright Bites!

Halloween is right around the corner! Here are some of my favorite Halloween treats to celebrate with on Halloween! They are so simple, affordable and take little time so you won't be slaving around in the kitchen! It's not too late to get your party top notch! Witch Hats ♥ Upside down samoa cookies ♥… Continue reading Halloween Party Fright Bites!

Fit Tips

Fit Tip #17 I Like To Move It, Move It!

If any of you are like me and get antsy during rest periods in your workout; try doing active moves in between. This will keep your heart rate up and your workout moving right along! Some examples would be jumping jacks, 60 second sprints on the treadmill, sit-ups, jump rope, planking and so on... Every… Continue reading Fit Tip #17 I Like To Move It, Move It!

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We’re all busy…Do your WORK during your WORKout!

You're at home on your couch, what are you doing? Facebook? Youtube? Watching tv? Browsing social media? Texting your friends? These are all things you can STILL do from inside the gym walls! When you're at the gym, instead of driving yourself crazy with how many minutes you have left on the treadmill or the fact you'd rather… Continue reading We’re all busy…Do your WORK during your WORKout!