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A Memorial Day Recap From A Foodie!

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend and didn’t forget what we were really celebrating! Not only was I brought up to love my county but also to love the time spent with family.

Throughout my fitness journey, I have truly enjoyed creating dishes that are better for you, flavorful and has nutritional benefits to back them up.

It’s a challenge but very fun! I think people don’t realize they can change or alter their taste buds. I try to explain it by using diet soda as an example. You used to drink and love the sweet syrupy taste of an original soda until you shifted and became accustomed to drinking diet. Next thing you know, a sip of the real deal is overwhelming and almost too much to handle!

That’s how I now feel when having a regular brownie or piece of cake, I’m startled with a ‘holy crap that’s sweet!’

It’s fun to create dishes for those that have the freedom to eat anything and everything they choose, yet still get their approval of my of my healthy alternatives being delicious!

I won’t go in much detail about my weekend but needless to say there was a lot of laughs, food, sunshine and family.

Below are some of the easy treats I prepared to keep myself on track and also expose others to healthier snacking as well.

I used a simple display plate from the dollar store to set up my goodies!

I started off my mornings with my good ol’ protein pancakes! Add some food coloring and sprinkles and whaa-lah! You have fun little flap jacks that are low calorie, low sugar, and high in protein!

I had a box of red velvet cake in my cabinet. I used only half of the mix and added my chocolate protein powder, egg whites, baking powder and greek yogurt. Following the box for recommended baking time.

A delicious and fresh spin on your traditional pizza!

Cut your watermelon into slices and add your own favorite fixins! Adding nuts, peanut butter, or yogurt would be yummy too! I’m definitely going to make this one over and over again for summer!

Who doesn’t love celery and peanut butter! This was perfect for in between meals to curb the hunger pains!

I love these!

I used vanilla greek yogurt to dip the ends of my marshmallows with then topped with sprinkles. This is a much healthier option than using chocolate!



These turned out to be quite a hit! I had two bananas that were going bad so I had to bake them into a treat! Next thing you know, we have banana protein oat muffins! Literally, the only ingredients- bananas, vanilla protein powder and oatmeal! And sprinkles of course!

For my next trick! Mwua-ha-ha!

I’ve seen this recipe done before and it seemed too easy not to try. It’s similar to your chocolate bark but made with yogurt instead! I made mine with vanilla greek yogurt, folded in mini chocolate chips and topped them with some festive red and blue fruit! Freeze until hardened.

I had extra yogurt mixture so I poured the remaining into my cake pop molds and mini cupcake liners.



There you have it folks! My holiday sweet treats made skinny!

Happy Tuesday!

Don’t forget to pin this post to save these festive ideas for your next Memorial or 4th of July weekend!

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