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Address the STRESS!

I can’t stress enough ( see what I did there…) how important it is to keep a positive mindset and confronting issues before they snowball. You’ll thank yourself later! The more you bottle things up or push them to the side you risk the chances of developing bigger problems like anxiety or depressions, which are both on the rise! Working out and staying active has been a huge factor with controlling my mental health but I follow other steps to help minimize these issues as well.

The word stress is thrown around a lot. You need to stop and think what’s really creating your mental state to be where it’s at.  Any time I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I realize it’s because something is off or out of balance. It could be something as silly as waking up on the wrong side of the bed! Either way, once you find the root of the cause, you’ll be able to baby step your way to a mentally healthy and happier life.

I’ve read several articles that state viewing depression or anxiety as an illness, you are self diagnosing to have long term symptoms or the conclusion that only pills will do the job.

Don’t doubt yourself. You can fix this! Take the proper steps forward and set a goal to put everything back on track and level everything back out, but be patient.

Explore different avenues that work for you. Some will find a vacation or getaway helpful to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts or behavior. Other resources like yoga, alone time, listening to music , some down time or meditation, even cleaning or decluttering your home. Check out from social media and focus on you. You are the priority.

That’s the hidden secret folks.! ADDRESS THE STRESS! Don’t hide from it, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed of it! Stress is a part of life. Address it! Look it straight in the face and move forward.

Embrace it, recognize it, balance it!

I hope this helps!



What are your best tools for addressing stress?

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