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Easiest 4th Of July Snack EVER! Let’s Get It Poppin!

The easiest recipe yet! It’s a huge time saver and extremely convenient for a last minute party snack. It would be great for football games, holidays, birthday parties or a fun activity for kids! 

My favorite thing about recipes like this is the creative options you have by using different colored sprinkles or candies. I prepared a very large bowl that was gone in no time!

popMore than likely, you have extra marshmallows hidden somewhere deep in your cabinets. If not, you aren’t looking hard enough!

I found half of one bag and bought one more to be safe but only half of a bag was needed.



What you need

 Popcorn of choice, we used Skinny Pop

Sprinkles as needed. I used a combo of longer sprinkles and the tiny circle ones.

10-12 large marshmallows

1/4 cup coconut oil

♥ On a stove top on medium-low heat, you want to melt your marshmallows into your coconut oil. Stay attentive and stir as it melts. You don’t want it to burn! Depending on how your stove top heats, you might need to keep it on low to be sure it doesn’t burn.

♥ Dump your pop corn into a large bowl and drizzle the coconut oil-marshmallow mixture and mix it around so it gets coated evenly. Hurry and top with sprinkles while the mixture is still wet so they will adhere to the popcorn.



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