Protein Balls

Chocolate Coconut Power Balls!

Chocolate-coconut, what an underrated flavor combination! I'm living la-vida-loco for these coco-nut balls! They're packed with protein and perfect for your chocolate cravings! YOU WILL NEED... I/4 cup chocolate  protein powder 2 tbs grounded flax seeds 1 tbs sunflower seeds 1/3 cup JIF chocolate peanut butter whip 2 tbs unsweetened coconut flakes 1/3 cup oats… Continue reading Chocolate Coconut Power Balls!

Holiday Favorites

Easter Eats And Chubby Bunny Challenge!

Yes, I said chubby bunny challenge!  What's a holiday well spent if there's no family fun time?! Our Easter morning started off with pastel protein pancake balls! They were perfect for a quick breakfast. You can find one of my similar recipes here! I added a no bake chocolate coconut cookie to the mix. It's up… Continue reading Easter Eats And Chubby Bunny Challenge!

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Nature Valley Copy Cat Honey Oat Crunch Bars 

These bars are a keeper! It was a new recipe I wanted to try and now I'm obsessed! I love when that happens! You can be flexible with your ingredients and add your choice of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, you name it! OH, and peanut butter of course! 🙂 The main thing is your honey, peanut butter and… Continue reading Nature Valley Copy Cat Honey Oat Crunch Bars 

Fit Tips

10 Reasons WHY I Started Working Out At Home

 A few quick tips before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post! If you want to start working out from home, before getting straight into your routine it's best to warm up. To do this, I use my beloved cycle bike that I bought from K-mart. If you don't have a cardio machine like this,… Continue reading 10 Reasons WHY I Started Working Out At Home

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Summertime Lemon Vanilla Oat Cookies!

Who doesn't love the combination of lemon and vanilla?! Most oatmeal cookie recipes can be very repetitive; oatmeal raisin, cinnamon oatmeal, and banana bread. I was feeling pretty summery so it only made sense to play around with a lemon inspired cookie! I used vanilla extract but to get the vanilla flavor other ways you could… Continue reading Summertime Lemon Vanilla Oat Cookies!

Holiday Favorites, Protein Balls

An Easter Favorite! Coconilla Protein Bunny Tails!

How cute are these! Coconut flakes are the perfect ingredient when preparing treats for Easter! Plus, the protein balls can be made all at once in your food processor! I used festive eggs, colored candies and sprinkles to give it a festive feel! You will need... ♥ 2 cups lightly packed shredded coconut (leave out extra… Continue reading An Easter Favorite! Coconilla Protein Bunny Tails!

Fit Tips

Transformation Throwbacks And Health Update

I thought it was time I dedicated a post to my transformation. I know you all read my blog title and question how it all came about. WELL, I haven't always been fit. I haven't always eaten whole clean foods or been active. I think it's fair to say in my poor earlier 20's I… Continue reading Transformation Throwbacks And Health Update