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An Easter Favorite! Coconilla Protein Bunny Tails!

How cute are these!
Coconut flakes are the perfect ingredient when preparing treats for Easter! Plus, the protein balls can be made all at once in your food processor! I used festive eggs, colored candies and sprinkles to give it a festive feel!

You will need…

♥ 2 cups lightly packed shredded coconut (leave out extra to coat the balls later)

♥ 1/2 cup raw almonds

♥ 3 tbsp honey

♥ 1/3 cup JIF peanut butter whip

♥ 1/2 scoop vanilla protein

♥ Sprinkles as needed

Pulse all the ingredients in your processor till a thick and somewhat crumbly dough is quickly formed!

After you have rolled your dough into balls, toss them in your bowl filled with the extra coconut flakes to create your bunny tail coating!


 I brought these to the girls at work.

They were a total hit if you couldn’t tell!


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