Holiday Favorites

Easter Eats And Chubby Bunny Challenge!

Yes, I said chubby bunny challenge! 

What’s a holiday well spent if there’s no family fun time?!
Our Easter morning started off with pastel protein pancake balls! They were perfect for a quick breakfast. You can find one of my similar recipes here!

I added a no bake chocolate coconut cookie to the mix. It’s up to you if you want to bake these or not but they are great either way!


Our first stop was Rey’s moms for a casual daytime hangout followed by my moms place for an early dinner, easter egg hunt and games!

Who knew Rey’s mom and I would be matching! Great minds think alike 🙂

I try my best to keep traditions alive, no matter how old or busy I become. I knew we were signed up to bring deviled eggs to my moms, so my husband and I decided to paint our eggs this year instead of dying them. We painted them at Rey’s moms so they could join in on the fun! We had a strawberry, a UF Gators egg, polka dots, stripes, starfish, and so on! It worked out perfect. This way they were painted and peel-ready when we got to my moms.

unnamed-11Last minute, we decided to get a little funky! Our outcome was a huge crowd pleaser! Prepare your deviled eggs like you normally would, instead of dying the yolk which we’ve done in the past, we thought the egg itself would really pop and boy did it!

Let your eggs soak in a bowl of dye for 5-10 minutes depending on how deep of the color you are going for. While you wait, prepare the filling!

The rest of the time was spent doing a 74 count easter egg hunt! Watching adults play a childhood game is pretty humorous. The key is to think like you’re 5! You have to think out of the box and get creative with your search! I didn’t get the golden egg but there’s always next year!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter from my silly bunny Pearl and I!

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