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Two A Days-For The Holidays!

Yep! You heard it right!

The holidays ARE here!

Now is another time, besides bikini season, where I try to be more conscious of my daily activity and food consumption. I’m also way more aware of my activity and will double up on my workouts into two smaller ones throughout the day. With crazy schedules, this is sometimes way more doable.

Instead of getting nervous, get prepared! We all get busy with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays where it gets too easy to sleep through your morning workouts or skip your afternoon gym session.


But don’t!

 Even though Thanksgiving isn’t for a couple more days, start planning out your next view weeks. Don’t deprive yourself on Thanksgiving while everyone stuffs their face with your grandmas favorite recipes. Just plan! Always stay one step ahead of yourself. More than likely, your Thanksgiving routine is the same every year, so make it work this time! Stay active, work out hard, watch what you eat the week prior before you feed your body with all those yummy casseroles!

Listen, it’s okay to eat! It’s more important that you stay in tune with balance and moderation. Even if it is a ‘holiday’ and you ‘don’t eat like this all the time’. When you grab your plate, serve yourself more of the items on the healthier side,  before your eyes eat for you and you end up with mountains of all things buttery and savory!

Get full on the veggies and boring stuff. Then allow yourself to have bites of the not so boring but oh-so delicious dishes!

After a workout, your body needs food to help nourish and rebuild those muscles. Your metabolism will be through the roof and ready to burn baby burn!

Make this year a guilt-free Thanksgiving!

They do exist!

Most of my on hand workouts I find on Pinterest.

Posted below are examples of my favorite quick workouts to keep you on track. If your gym is closed or you have no equipment, no excuse you jive-turkeys!


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