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Take It Outside! How To Use The Outdoors As Your Gym!

I love my daily devotionals. It helps me start the day on a good foot!

I can’t stress how important it is to get outside, soak in the sun and enjoy the world around us! I prescribe everyone to take a little time to play, be silly and let out their inner child! Your body and brain is just dying to move and explore!

You won’t always have access to a gym but the outdoors is a perfect place to start!

The videos below are different ways of getting active outside. My biggest secret? Sidewalk chalk! Make sure to keep it handy!

Find any of your local parks and start exploring! They’ll usually have trails, open fields, benches, tables and playgrounds. All of these things can be used for equipment! The best part, it’s all FREE!

I’m a huge fan of incorporating weighted vests into training. It can be used during a steady pace walk or a more intense workout. Either way, it will help get your endurance to another level!


We rescued our dog Tessa about 4 years ago. She’s put on a little weight so we make it a priority to get her out as well! If you have pets, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get them outside and add in some extra steps or play time during their walk. This will be good for you both! Pets are a huge motivator to get you off the couch and get moving!


We go to my moms on Sundays for our family dinner. As a family we play in the backyard and get out to play as many games as we can before dinner time. Just get creative guys! There’s always something close by that you can turn into an activity or small workout!


Even a little hang time with friends can be time used as a mini workout. We raced from one end to the other in our floats, jumped in and out of the pool trying to land on each one, tossed a football through the center of the floats and so on!


I hope you enjoyed some of my outdoor tips to keep you fit!

What activities do you do often outside of the gym??

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