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Cured With Chiro!

If you watch a lot of movies like me, the thought of going to a chiropractor can be a little nerve-racking. You can thank every neck snapping horror and thriller movie you’ve ever seen!

However, don’t let that be a reason you keep yourself from stepping foot into this magical place!

After lots of research and finally being recommended to an experienced and knowledgable chiropractor, I’ve become a walking chiropractic cure!

From training in the gym, unhealthy body posture at work and daily aches and pains, my body was screaming for help! During the day, I’m working on clients one after the other, back to back. In the beginning of my lashing career, there was lots of soreness and sharp pains from being in the same positions until eventually my body adapted and numbed itself. You would think this would be great and work in my favor until one day you find yourself changing in front of your husband and he shockingly discovers a problem.  A big, lump of a problem!

Below you will see a bulged muscle that was starting to form on the middle of my back. Some days were worse than others and it would spasm uncontrollably, making the last few hours of my work day a living hell. I could feel my heartbeat aching throughout my whole body.




I remember the exact day I was working when I was in so much pain I couldn’t concentrate or focus on my client. I kept squirming and staring at the clock counting down till I was done. The shooting, pulsing pain in my back, accompanied by intense neck strain felt like fire.

I was getting massages, stretching whenever possibly, using essential oils, practicing yoga but STILL wasn’t enough!

I eventually cut down my hours and changed my schedule to have my lunch split up my day that was more functional for me.



Yes, this looks intimidating but after talking to my chiropractor, I had full confidence in his abilities.  After my first visit, I was immediately hooked. All day we are walking around with our big heavy heads and sitting in positions that are compressing and adding pressure to our skeletal frame.

It’s been almost two years now since my first visit. I’m breathing better, sleeping better, performing in the gym better and have dramatically improved my muscle spasms.

It’s amazing that all of these things could be treated by a Chiro. I’m more upset at myself that I didn’t take my health and body mechanics seriously.

No more bulging muscles!

This is a transformation Tuesday not to ignore! Ask around and look into a local reputable chiropractor to help cure or soothe any discomfort or body issues. You would be amazed what helps the body just from good chiropractic practices. Not all chiros are the same, so do your research!

You could have body and posture issues brewing now as we speak but won’t show any visible signs until down the road. Don’t let it be too late! Don’t let your body aches control your life and keep your from doing activities and experiencing new things!

Happy Transformation Tuesday!

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