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My DoTERRA Essential Essentials; Lemon Oil

After taking a DoTERRA essential oil crash course, I now have a huge respect for them!

I’m a huge fan of peppermint, lemon and the clary calm blend (targeted for women to help heal and soothe any uncomfort during that grueling, hormonal time of the month!).

It’s a whole new world I never knew existed! The really are amazing and have truly been huge lifesavers for me that pack quite a punch!

 Essential oils are 40-60% more potent than herbs. They are able to target a variety of symptoms and/or conditions you may be experiencing.  It could be something very minor or a little more extreme, but there’s an oil for everything!

The method of usage varies from oil to oil. Some are better ingested, applied topically or placed in a diffuser to inhale aromatically.

The lemon oil has been my go to! In order to drink more water, I started adding drops of lemon. This is a win-win! Doing this allows you to get in your daily water intake, while at the same time helps detox your system and flush out any unwanted toxins!

Certain oils, especially lemon are known for uplifting your mood. Working at a spa, I am hearing calming, hypnotic tones, day in and day out. Doing individual eyelash extensions, my job is 110% brainwork , that requires me to be on point all of the time. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to inhale my lemon oil between clients to get that quick pep in my step! It allows me to be more alert and stay focused!

Another reason I’m a huge fan of these oils, is that I’m able to cook and bake with them. I’ve dabbled in the kitchen making lemon slushies, lemon pepper chicken and as a non-toxic, natural disinfectant to kill germs. Get as creative!

I’m hoping to try it out soon with a lemon square recipe I’ve been saving! …Yum!

Only 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 peppermint tea bags! Again, I will warn you now, make sure you are using your properly! Not all oils are used the same!

I can tell you first hand folks, a little goes a long way with these oils, that’s for certain!

Yes, I learned this the hard way. One day at work, I applied the Slim And Sassy oil generously on the back of my neck! Shortly after I started feeling hot, clammy and extremely antsy! It was the familiar and uncomfortable feeling you get when you take a pre-workout. Later did I find out that’s not how I should’ve been using that particular oil. Opps!…

Click on the links above to learn more about the health benefits of DoTERRA essential oils. Get back more from your life and give these helpful, natural and healing oils a go!

Happy Monday!

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