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Healthy Sweet Tooth ENERGY Balls!

With the fall weather approaching, I've been putting cinnamon on everything!! If you aren't a cinnamon fan, you can definitely skip it. This will give you more of a cookie dough flavor. Can't complain about that!   I wasn't going to add raisins but I wanted some extra sweetness. This recipe is different than my other… Continue reading Healthy Sweet Tooth ENERGY Balls!

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GUILT-FREE Chick Pea Protein Cookie Dough!

  When I was younger I remember sneaking into the fridge late at night, taking baby bites out of the pre-made Pillsbury cookie dough my mom would buy. Eventually I'd give in going back for more and noticed even more missing! This means I wasn't the only guilty one! This recipe is perfect to curb those cookie dough cravings and indulge without feeling… Continue reading GUILT-FREE Chick Pea Protein Cookie Dough!