MORE PROTEIN!, Protein Balls

Healthy Sweet Tooth ENERGY Balls!


With the fall weather approaching, I’ve been putting cinnamon on everything!! If you aren’t a cinnamon fan, you can definitely skip it. This will give you more of a cookie dough flavor. Can’t complain about that!


I wasn’t going to add raisins but I wanted some extra sweetness.

This recipe is different than my other protein balls because instead of adding an ingredient to stick it all together like banana, syrup or honey, I wanted to try just water.



 PB2 is a powdered peanut butter and requires adding water to create the nut butter consistency.  This made it perfect to keep this recipe together!

Just make sure you are adding small amounts of water at a time. A little will go a long way! Keep mixing and mixing!

If your batter end up too watery, which happened to me.. .All you have to do is add more oats or peanut butter to thicken everything back up!

If it’s a little crumbly, before adding water, try rolling into a ball first. You will be surprised how well they will form!


1/2 cup PB2

1/3 cup regular peanut butter whip

2 tablespoons grounded flax seed

1 scoop protein (I used chocolate. Vanilla would be good too!)

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/3 cup raisin

2 large tablespoons of cacoa nibs (if you don’t have sub for regular chocolate chips)

1 cup oats

water as needed!

Enjoy my fit foodies!

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