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4th Of July Watermelon Pizza!

Watermelon pizza has become my summer fav! There's nothing more refreshing on a blazing hot day than a slice of cold, juicy  watermelon topped with your favorite fruits! It's a great alternative to satisfy that sweet tooth! Try making this for a party or get together! It's a crowd pleaser and will catch everyones attention!… Continue reading 4th Of July Watermelon Pizza!

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Skinny Girl Baked Flax Seed Parmesean Onion Rings

After a commercial I saw on TV, I decided to get creative and experiment with a healthy version of onion rings. I'll admit they don't taste as good as the blooming onions from Outback but it still hit the spot!   I  can't tell you the last time I had onion rings. I try to keep… Continue reading Skinny Girl Baked Flax Seed Parmesean Onion Rings