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Lunch Break Fat Blast!

When you sleep through your 6am alarm and miss your workout, that doesn't mean you give up and skip the day all together. No excuses people! Fat waits for no one so make it happen! I came home on my lunch break and did a quick 20 minute lower body circuit.  Don't mind my dog… Continue reading Lunch Break Fat Blast!

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We’re all busy…Do your WORK during your WORKout!

You're at home on your couch, what are you doing? Facebook? Youtube? Watching tv? Browsing social media? Texting your friends? These are all things you can STILL do from inside the gym walls! When you're at the gym, instead of driving yourself crazy with how many minutes you have left on the treadmill or the fact you'd rather… Continue reading We’re all busy…Do your WORK during your WORKout!