Short On Time

Lean Arm Treadmill Burn

Use the treadmill as your one stop shop piece of equipment. You can adjust your speed and incline but keep it challenging to get maximum benefits.

This will be a 30 minute workout with 15 minutes on the treadmill broken up with arm circuits. Yes it’s the weekend, yes we know you have plans, no fat won’t wait. Get it done!

Warmup: 3 minute walk on high incline  

5 minute jog- 3% incline with 4.5 speed (add in   alternating punches in 30 second intervals.


Vertical push-ups using the front arm bar of your treadmill

Elbow to push up plank-15  *substitute for regular planking if necessary (30-60 seconds)

Tricep dips with the side bar for advanced or the bottom edge of your treadmill for beginners.


  • 5 minute increased speed 4.8-5.2 at 3% incline.


  • 5 minute run/jog


  • 3 minute cool down

Done! Now go have fun!

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