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QUICK TIP! My Top 3 Cooking Hacks For The Holidays!


There are many food items that can be made into a flour. For the most part, I use a lot of oat flour. I keep coconut flour and blended up almonds on hand as a last resort. However, I’ve recently I’ve become obsessed with tapioca flour! Who knew something like that even existed!? It’s perfect for baking or as a sauce thickener. It makes everything so smooth and fluffy! I love it! You could try blending dry cereal into a flour for all I care! Just make sure it’s low in sugar. I’ve even blended up rice cakes, so get get creative folks!


Play with different oils. This is beneficial to your heart health and it’s an ingredient that can be swapped without having a huge impact on your taste buds. Try coconut, sunflower, or a new and popular algae oil!

♥ substitute with greek yogurt♥dessert-sweet-dish-spoon-cream-46180.jpeg

Greek yogurt is 100% underrated! It pulls through for many savory and sweet substitutions that will help cut back on fat, carbs and calories, while adding additional protein and fiber! Substitute greek yogurt as the base for icing, frosting, dips, cake filling, baking and cooking recipes that require sour cream or cream cheese!

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