Fit Tips

Fit Tip #22 Slow Down Your Chewing To Speed Up Fat Loss!

Have you ever thought about how fast it takes you to finish your meal? Are you the first one done while everyone else is still enjoying their first few bites? Are you chewing too fast? Too slow? Does your food stay in your mouth long enough before you swallow?

In a previous post I mentioned how it takes your body around 20 minutes to process when you’re getting full. The longer you chew your food and keep it in your mouth your body will also register the movement of your mouth and give your brain a sense of satisfaction and feed your hunger.

The action of eating is one of those brainless things we do without even thinking about it. We do it every day and some of us do it just as much in our sleep!

Even in a social setting I can see myself talking, talking, chewing, talking, swallow, talking talking…

So slow your roll!

How much time do YOU actually spend chewing and breaking down your food before you swallow?

Think about it!

Happy Friday!

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