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Taco Tuesday! Chicken Feta Lettuce Wraps

It's Taco Tuesday! Instead of your traditional tacos, I made a light but still tasty version of this foodie favorite! Not to mention it's low calorie AND low carb!  It's easy, quick to prepare and just as satisfying to your taste buds!   Depending on what you're in the mood for, you can pick from several different meats and… Continue reading Taco Tuesday! Chicken Feta Lettuce Wraps

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Fit Tip #19 Sweet Tooth Chews!

Holy crap-ola! If you can't find this gum at your local grocery store or gas station, I highly recommend buying online! There's surprisingly many flavors and boy are they worth it! The cinnamon roll pack is to die for! We all have a sweet tooth! Some more than others but regardless! If these cravings hit… Continue reading Fit Tip #19 Sweet Tooth Chews!

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Wedding Favs!

More wedding goodies! If you or anyone you know are looking for an amazing photographer and baker, I highly recommend Liz Golden with Jadore Studios and Alley Cakes out of Neptune Beach,Fl. They both have amazing customer service, creativity and professionalism! I still can't get enough of these two! Simply the best! ♥