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Taco Tuesday! Chicken Feta Lettuce Wraps

It’s Taco Tuesday!

Instead of your traditional tacos, I made a light but still tasty version of this foodie favorite!

Not to mention it’s low calorie AND low carb!

 It’s easy, quick to prepare and just as satisfying to your taste buds!


Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can pick from several different meats and veggies for filling.

I HIGHLY recommend substituting sour cream with plain greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is high in protein with a taste and consistency just like sour cream!

You can have way more of these lettuce wraps than you would with traditional tacos.

For my lettuce wraps I had pulled chicken, salsa, corn, feta cheese (which was awesome!) and greek yogurt.

Other great combos to try…

♥ Zucchini, black beans with chicken and monterey jack cheese

♥ Avocado and tomatoes with turkey crumbles

♥ cajun shrimp with dirty rice and salsa


Have fun with your food guys! You can also make these ahead of time or prepare extra servings to consume for lunch and/or dinner the following day.


Happy Tuesday!

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