Sucker-Free Seafood Boil!

My husband and I both get tired of meal prepping the same plan week after week. You’re going to get burnt out on chicken, turkey, chicken, turkey, more chicken and more turkey! That’s why we decided to shake things up a bit and have a seafood boil!

The best part about preparing a dish like this is the left overs! You can use the broth and the other ingredients for soups, on top of rice or freeze for another time!

We went back and forth but agreed on having small red potatoes, yellow onions, corn, shrimp and turkey sausage! Don’t hesitate with playing around with this recipe. You can come up with a variety of flavors by using different seasonings and vegetables. We seasoned ours with old bay, dill, salt, hot sauce, pepper and red pepper!

My taste buds were very happy!


Cut your potatoes, onions, corn and turkey sausage into bite sized pieces. Place potatoes, corn and onions in a large pot or deep cooking pan and boil with enough water to submerge ingredients. Add seasonings.

When your potatoes, onions and corn are about 7-8 minutes from being done, add your turkey sausage.

Once your about 4-5 minutes till those ingredients are done, you will then add your shrimp. The shrimp will be done super fast so be sure to take it off the heat and allow it all to cool. The existing heat will finish cooking the shrimp as everything else marinates to increase flavor!

Before you can enjoy the yummy goodness, your mouth will be watering from the aroma spreading throughout your home!

What’s your favorite seafood dish?! Comment below!

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