GUILT FREE Cookie Dough Dip



This recipe is to die for!

You never have to feel guilty about sneaking into the fridge for spoonfuls of cold and chewy cookie dough again! You can eat this raw or toss in the oven for cookies!

The choice is yours!



Just blend ALL of your ingredients together except the chocolate chips. After everything is evenly mixed, fold in your chocolate chips.



Store in the fridge in an air tight container and get your cookie dough fix whenever you like!


This recipe makes about a heaping cup worth of dough and yields roughly 600 calories all together!  Give or take a few, depending on how much peanut butter you really add 🙂

This give you 75 calories per serving of two tablespoons. Take that peanut butter serving size!

If you want a lower calorie option, use JIF peanut butter whip or powdered peanut butter. If you don’t have stevia drops, you can use any sweetener of choice. Honey or syrup is a great alternative too!


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