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When Being Basic Isn’t Bad! Health Hacks 101

So I’m a huge fat girl at heart.. Everyone knows that!.. I ping pong with my weight all the time and have learned my body and what works for me and what doesn’t. I have a slow metabolism so I’m constantly having to change my routine and keep my body guessing. It is what it is folks! The fact that I’m petite, I have to stay active and conscious of what I put in my body for the rest of my life.

To get in the groove it’s all about baby steps..  If it’s your portions that are crazy go by the handful method. Handful of veggies, handful of chicken, handful of sweet potatoes, or whatever it is you eat! Remember, eat till you are 80% full. If you eat icecream every night break it down to at least 3-4 times a week. I don’t believe in being so strict that you end up setting yourself up to fail. If you’re a sauce person, instead of ketchup, mustard, ranch and bbq all at the same time, start off just picking two.

Most of what you do daily is out of habit. That could mean your morning routine, the route you drive to work or your afternoon starbucks run. Once you realize this, try to break your bad habits and substitute them with healthy ones! Posted below are some of my most important health basics that kept me on track!

♥ Sugar turns to fat.

Your body will store sugars from food you eat and store it as fat. I used to always watch calories and think that’s all that matters but if you have something low calorie but HIGH in sugar you’re still keeping yourself down.

♥ Snack attacks!

Always keep snacks around you. Ziploc your favorite veggies and fruits. I keep almonds in my car, baggies of strawberries, carrots, grapes, cucumbers, and sliced peppers in the fridge at all times. Work and home. If you crave chips or something crunchy, rice cakes! Rice cakes save my life. If you aren’t lazy, try making your own veggie chips!

♥ Always Content, never full.

Before every meal I eat a handful or two of zero/low calorie foods like celery or zucchini slices.. By the time I eat my dinner I don’t shovel everything down, over eat, or go for seconds. My trick has been to always stay comfortable (not full) so I’m never starving. When I allow myself to get to the point of being starving, I will cheat or eat anything thats in front of me! That’s where my eyes do all my decision making for me!

♥ Healthy alternatives.

There are healthy alternatives for every indulgence! Whatever your favorite foods are find the healthy substitute. Mine is macaroni!!!!!! And icecream!!! In my case, this means I make macaroni with mostly cauliflower blended with smaller portions of noodles and cheese. Even if I don’t use wheat noodles, using regular is fine too since most of it is veggies anyway! My icecream hacks are simple. Arctic Zero, I’m obsessed. The cookie dough is my favorite but I love keeping the vanilla around too. If I don’t have Arctic Zero because it is a little pricey, I freeze a banana and blend in protein powder for a frozen yogurt-like treat! I keep sugar-free jello, vanilla greek yogurt and PB2(powdered peanut butter) at all times. Thank the lord for PB2 because the serving size for regular peanut butter is just cruel! Instead of an insane amount of sauces on my meat or thick dressings on my salad I use salsa a lot. I actually love salsa. Putting it on everything is fine with me!

♥ Lazy girl workouts. 

I do squats, lunges, calf raises randomly throughout the day. For example, I could be doing the dishes, folding laundry, in the shower, brushing my teeth, or while watching tv. It takes such little time. If you find your self sitting or standing doing nothing, there’s your opportunity. If you have kids, or a stay at home mom, if you incorporate these small things into your daily routine, you’ll find yourself with a boost of energy and less stress! I can assure you that!

I hope this helps you all and keeps you motivated for the rest of the week! Every day is a new day!

Happy Wednesday!

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