Fit Tips

Fit Tip #25 We are all busy…Do WORK during your WORKout!

You’re at home on your couch, what are you doing?



Watching tv?

Browsing social media?

Texting your friends?

These are all things you can STILL do from inside the gym walls! When you’re at the gym, instead of driving yourself crazy with how many minutes you have left on the treadmill or the fact you’d rather be at home getting things done, try keeping yourself busy with the same things you find yourself occupied with at home.

Reading a good book?

Behind on your favorite tv series?

Victoria Secrets having a sale?

Swamped with unread emails?

Wanting to reorganize your Pinterest boards?

Listed above are just a couple examples of what you can get done while AT the gym. It makes time on the treadmill and elliptical go by way faster too! I don’t recommend doing any of these while using weight machines, unless it’s an audiobook or podcast. I stick to my low intensity cardio days and sometimes my days off from the gym when I do light stretching or walks. I can be productive in more ways than one.


Instead of sitting on the coach being lazy, bring your work with you and handle some business at the same time! I’d rather cleanup my inbox walking at a high incline or riding a stationary bike than at home on my butt thinking about food and watching garbage on TV.. You can get it done even if it’s only 20 minutes! To prove it helps, I literally wrote this whole post walking at an incline doing high knees and lunges on the treadmill.. BAM!

270 calories burned

And don’t forget your headphones! 🙂

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