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6 Ways To Burn MORE Fat During A Workout

1.) Limit your rest periods. 

Keeping your heart rate up at about 60% or higher will accelerate fat loss by keeping your body in the ‘fat burning zone’.

2.) Add resistance. 

Your body will work twice as hard when you add resistance to any basic move. This could be incorporating light weight dumbbells, weighted vests, resistance bands or ankle weights to your workout.

3.) Bundle up! 

Sweat it out! You’re going to increase your intensity as your body heats up. Wearing long sleeves or sweats will put your body in a thermogenic state allowing you to burn more fat and keep your muscles nice and warm. Another plus?.. You’re going to sweat out more toxins reducing any excess water weight, that’s a plus! Think of all the benefits we’ve heard about saunas and Bikram’s heat yoga.

Now bring on the heat!

4.) Bursts of cardio.

Instead of taking active rests, be efficient with your time! Use these rests periods to burn more fat by subbing in cardio moves such as bodyweight squats, push ups, or everyones favorite, BURPEES! Mwua-haha!

5.) Jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down!

You heard it! Get to jumping! I’m guessing this is where the term gym bunny came from! I’ll often do jumping lunges, jump squats or jumping jacks in between leg press and leg extension sets. Any form of jumping is a fast an effective way to get your heart rate pumping and those fat cells burning! Try it!

My go-to favorites are jumping jacks, box jumps, high knees, jump squats from wide to narrow stance or even free style hopscotching to get creative!

6.) Cold showers.

Top off the end of your workout with a nice 3-5 minute cold shower! This will help circulate blood flow, accelerate your muscle recovery, aid in any inflammation, and will put your brown fat cells into action by working to keep the body warm, which is a fat burning factor right there!

Happy Saturday!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Be adventurous!


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