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Something Went Wrong! Overcoming Obstacles Part 2


June 9th Surgery- Post Op

My procedure for my breast revision/reconstruction was June 9th 2017 at 915 am. An internal bra using surgical mesh was needed during this procedure to keep my implants in place. After all my previous surgeries with my weight gain/loss, my skin has become very thin and fragile. I’m out resting and recovering at home, taking care of my wounds and drains needed to rid my body of built up fluid. I am definitely exhausted but in good spirits!

Stay tuned for more updates on my recovery as I slowly get back into my routine, work flow and activity levels.


Please be respectful. I wanted to publish and share my experiences through my most vulnerable moments, especially at a time where I was at my happiest and healthiest. Overcoming obstacles is a vlog series to help others, as well as using it as an outlet for myself as I continue to go through this very hard and ongoing recovery. I hope I can help anyone thinking about surgery or anyone who is going through something similar. Hopefully through my recovery, it can help with any concerns anyone might have or even better, allow an easier recovery for them by watching me baby step my way through my own.

Any questions when it comes to healing or recovery, please leave down below 🙂


Thanks for all your love and support!

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