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This Weeks Challenge: Turn OFF The TV To Turn ON Your Fat Loss! 

This weeks challenge might be difficult for some of you but you can do it! Even if you can’t go cold turkey, cutting back even a little will make a difference. You would be surprised how much wasted time is spent watching TV. I myself know how easy it is to get sucked in a Netflix series and feel like your couch is taking you hostage.


For those of you who say you have no ‘time’ to get to the gym or make that yoga class, by turning on the TV is enough proof that the opportunity to be active is there. Even if it’s not working out, I’m sure there’s plenty of things that you could be doing during that time to help with your goals and other responsibilities that have been put on your plate. I mean really, if you didn’t have a TV or the option to watch it, what else would you find yourself doing? Maybe picking up a new hobby, reading more, refurbishing your home, or better yet making it to the gym or that yoga class you’ve promised yourself you’d attend.

My challenge for you this week is to go with little to no TV. Not having your TV on will force you to think of other things to do or accomplish. 

I promise you!

Without your TV I can guarantee you will find yourself becoming more successful in all areas of your life and getting things done that you once thought you had no ‘time’ for!

It’s a small change but makes a big difference!

If you can’t do a week, try just a day. For those of you stuck in a TV series, ask yourself, did watching that change my life or benefit me in any way? The answer is most likely not.

Use your time wisely folks! Let the challenge begin!

Happy Monday!

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