Sweet Cheats

THREE Ingredient Cookie Mix Food Hack!



I must be some sort of magician in the kitchen!


January and February are full of birthdays for me! A friend of mine had a birthday coming up that I wanted to make a yummy treat for!

I know if it were me, I don’t want someone handing me a bunch of sweets and processed foods I shouldn’t be eating, or tempted to eat it all!




Looking through my bag or tricks I found instant cookie mix. From my last instant cookie experiment using Greek yogurt, I decided to step it up a notch.

No lie.. all I used was the prepackaged cookie mix, half a banana and enough almond milk to make a cookie dough consistency!



I put mine in the fridge to let it set and harden a little but that’s not necessary.

They ended up more cake like but that’s perfect for my birthday cake theme!


Delectable with a spin kick of health to it!

How’s that for a good hack!

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