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Hooray For Harrison! My Big Sisters Kate Spade Bridal Shower!

Hooray for Harrison!

 A couple of weeks ago we had my sisters bridal shower. I can’t believe in a little under three weeks she will be a married lady! One of her bridesmaids and I hosted a Kate Spade themed shower that turned out better than we both expected!


We kept it simple but it was the little details that tied everything together and made it so special!



I made an attempt to shape the strawberries into hearts before I put them on the skewer.. I still give myself an A for effort!


Her shower was around brunch so we kept things light with finger foods, veggie trays, mimosa bar and sweets from my favorite local bakery, Alley Cakes!


I am OBSESSED with Alley Cakes!





I was never much of a sweets person but after a coworker introduced me to Alley Cakes, it’s been game over! For all you foodies, check out their menu or follow their Instagram to see some awesome eye candy!



‘poppin bottles’ champagne cake pops with chocolate covered pretzel sticks!


It wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t make everyone my signature peanut butter balls!


These balls are too good to pass up! Even if you’re already full!



Who would have thought in my younger years that I would end up loving to plan events!

For the decor we decided on black, white, pink and gold with fun Kate Spade quotes symbols throughout the house.

I made the cutest goodie bags stuffed with confetti, mini OPI polish, glitter nail files and a lip gloss!


We invited all of her loved ones to come celebrate, have some eats, sweets and play some games!

My sister has never been huge on games but we did decide on a few to keep things fun!

We played a Disney love song game (my sister is forever a HUGE Disney lover) where guests had to fill in the blanks by matching up the correct movie title to the song.

The other game was played through out the shower. As guests arrived they were prompted to grab a fake ring from a bowl and wear it for the for the remainder of the shower. The goal was to collect as many diamond rings from other guests who said the words ‘wedding’ or ‘bride’.

The winner of each game got a gift card to a yummy restaurant!

Everyone had a blast! I’m so happy for my sister and can’t wait to watch her walk down the isle! I’m so privileged to be her maid of honor (really it’s matron since I’m married, but I like saying maid better!)


21 days to go!

Bring it on April 9th!

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