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Pizootz Peanuts Product Review!


ATTENTION! This is a public service announcement!

Head to your local Homegoods store NOW to get your hands on a bag of these tasty peanuts!

My husband and I found these while we were browsing around. We love trying new snacks so we bought a bag on a whim.

I can confidently say 80% of what we end up buying from Homegoods, TJ MAX and Marshall’s is usually food and peanut butters!

Next think I know, I’m back in there the following day to clear out whatever stock was left of Pizootz Peanuts!

Now i’m obsessed.

It’s so interesting how they are infused with flavor instead of having the seasoning coated on the outside.

Not to mention, this makes them conveniently mess free for all the snackers who want a quick bite!

There’s no need to wash your hands after or worry about your fingers getting all yucky.

Let’s not forget about the flavor options! I did my research to find what other flavor options were available.

I told you I was obsessed didn’t I?!

If you can’t find them at your local Homegoods or Marshall’s, you can purchase them HERE!

  • Bay Spice
  • Habanero
  • Baja Taco
  • Salt & Cracked Pepper
  • Blazing Buffalo
  • New York Dill Pickle
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar
  • Sea Salt
  • Jalapeno

Check out those flavors!

Which ones would you buy?

So far the Sea Salt & Vinegar and Dill Pickle are my favs!


7 thoughts on “Pizootz Peanuts Product Review!”

  1. Dill Pickle and Habanero are my fav but I love them all. I am a marketing rep and in my car ALL day. I don’t always get to have lunch and these are a great snack to get me through the day PLUS they don’t leave a mess all over the me or my car.

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  2. I can honestly say I’m obsessed. I love the sea salt flavors and the dill pickle, my daughter loves the taco!


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