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Chocolate Kimera Coffee Cake With Nootropics!

It’s a whole new world with the pleasantly smooth taste of Kimera Koffee! It will take your morning  routine or mid-afternoon pick me up to a new level!

I’ve dabbled with other coffee brands that had me zipping around like a chicken with my head cut off, taking me forever to get out the door! This was great for energy but a huge downfall with keeping me organized and task driven.

I’m one of those weirdos who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Addicted? Maybe. A creature of habit? Definitely!

Either way, after a cup of Kimera Koffee I found myself with an alert sharpness and mental clarity while skipping those uncomfortable caffeine jitters! This is all possible because Kimera Koffee is infused with natural nootropics.


What are nootropics? I’m glad you asked!

Nootropics are commonly referred to as ‘smart drugs’ as a safe and natural supplement to help enhance cognitive awareness. Taking nootropics will stimulate your brains activity without the risk of any negative side effects. Other nootropics you might be familiar with are fish oil and grape seed. Like Kimera says, ‘turbocharge your brain!’ That’s exactly what nootropics will do!


♥ 3/4 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein (I used Universal Nutrition. I found their consistency of protein to be easy to bake with)

♥ 2 tbs chocolate pb2

♥ 2 tbs cocoa powder

♥ 1/4 cup brewed Kimera Koffee

♥ 1/2 tsp baking powder

♥ 1 tbs egg whites

♥ 2-3 tbs milk



First, mix all of your dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl.

Next you’ll add in in your coffee, milk and egg whites.


Mix, mix, mix until a smooth and creamy batter is formed!

Spray a small oven safe dish or use a flexible silicone mold.


These are awesome and so easy to clean. I got mine at Target in the $1 section but I’m sure you could find similar ones at Walmart or any craft store like Michaels or Joannes.


If your batter is too wet, add little more protein or chocolate PB2. For a richer chocolate taste you can add more of your cocoa powder instead.

If your batter is the opposite and too dry, add small amounts of milk one tablespoon at a time.



After you’ve poured in your batter, bake your single serving cake in the oven at 250º-275º for 10-12 minutes. When you remove it from the oven it will continue to bake and set.

 All ovens are different so stay close by to keep an eye on it! Using protein will always bake things faster!


If it looks undercooked or the center is still gooey, that’s okay!

I’ve played around baking/cooking with protein more times than I can count and creating a texture that isn’t too dry has always been the challenge!

However, this recipe by far takes the cake with consistency! Takes the cake, see what I did there…


Not only am I going to share with you an amazing coffee and tasty treat but I absolutely have to inform you about the best podcast I’ve come across within the health and fitness industry.Mind Pump. It’s entertaining and informative and you’ll learn more in one episode than you’ve probably learned over this past year! The bonus is you get exposed to awesome products like this as well as their own training programs and helpful tools to guide you along the way. Thanks Mind Pump Media! 

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