MORE PROTEIN!, Protein Balls

Brownie Batter Protein Balls!

This is a yummy protein packed treat for you chocolate lovers!  I mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until a batter is formed.

♥ 1/4 Cup Chocolate Brownie Protein Powder

♥ 2 Tbs. Chocolate PB2

♥ 1/3 Cup Jif Whip Chocolate Peanut Butter (Lower Cals!)

♥ 1 Tbs. Agave (Honey Or Sugar Free Maple Syrup)

♥ 1/4 Cup Sunflower Seeds

♥ 2 Tbs Flax Seeds

Blend, blend, blend! If it is too dry, keep adding small amounts of water until a dough-like consistency.

Roll into balls and store for snack time!


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