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VLOG: Surgery Part 1. WARNING Graphic Content!


This video is about my plastic surgery journey from beginning to hopefully a final closure! I originally got implants in early 2011. After 3 surgeries later of bottoming out, one sitting higher than the other and then increasing in size with a lift that resulted again in a bottoming out/double bubble.

I did some research and decided to go else where. After being fixed up by my second surgeon, one side began to fall. Before my wedding I got it tacked up with internal sutures that weren’t certain if they would hold. Due to my active lifestyle, it didn’t. I went almost two years before getting it fixed but when I did, it also didn’t hold.

The last minor procedure to tack it up was in early December 2016. The busiest and happiest time of year for me! If you aren’t familiar with my work career, I do professional individual eyelash extensions and typically book 2-3 months out in advance. That last procedure resulted in an infected incision that caused a serious bacteria infection and the removal of my right implant. Around the same time I had a routine pap-smear that came up abnormal. Due to my condition and the high demand of my doctor, I couldn’t schedule my biopsy until March. I was not ready for any of this as it all came and hit me at once. My activity dropped, my food choices turned poor, I was walking around and trying to hide having one size D implant and a natural saggy B. Getting dressed was a nightmare, so was getting out of the shower or being motivated to get out and do anything in public. I felt trapped in my own body.

After three months of waiting for the replacement, all seemed well and I was slowly getting back into the grove. It was soon obvious the replacement implant put in was the wrong size. This was heartbreaking and frustrating. I was out of the gym and my normal routine for almost 5 months and struggling mentally to be around friends and family members. I waited and waited for my replacement and was completely devastated with the outcome. I also noticed it was starting to drop, again. I found my old implant cards from previous surgeries and it was in fact the wrong size.

I appreciate everything that doctor had done for me with helping me get in better shape from the original surgeon but I had to go some where else so I could put all this behind me. I just wanted to be done.

FINALLY, a doctor who is experienced in the surgical mesh, also known as an ‘internal bra’ which is originally what I’ve always needed in the first place, had relocated to Jax and opened a practice in walking distance from my house! Too good to be true!

Tomorrow is my procedure. June 9th 2017 at 915 am for internal bra and implant revision. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, antsy, you name it! This has been a 7 month journey thus far. Stay tuned for more updates on my recovery!

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